How to convert DVD to VCD with iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum?

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum is design for backup your favorite DVD movie to your computer by converting DVD to AVI, DivX, XviD, VCD, WMV, MPEG4 format video files, with almost same quality, but just only 10% size.

With optimized profiles, you can convert DVD Movie to iPad Video,iPod Video, Microsoft Zune, Pocket PC, 3GP Mobile Phone or any other MP4 player, such as iRiver, Archos, Creative Zen Vision and more. Even you can use the video editor profile to output avi file for your video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas.

It also support ripping MTV, music DVD to MP3 audio, you can listen to your favorite movies on your iPod now!

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Product Name: iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum
OS: Windows All (support Windows 7)
Size: 6.8 MB
Version: 3.0.2010.330
Language: English
License: Shareware
Editor's Rating: 5-star rating

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How to convert DVD to VCD with iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum?

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum provides a simple, fast method to convert DVD movie to VCD format, it's simple, please follow the next steps:

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum - Load DVD
Note: DVD to VCD convert speed is most depend on your CPU type, please select the most appropriate CPU for high speed! Click "Settings/CPU" at first!

Step 2. About "Input" settings: After you successfully load the DVD, the DVD info is displayed in the center window. Sometimes some chapters/episodes hide in another index, you can change an index in "Index" dropdown box to load these chapters/episodes.

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum

You can select the audio track for the target files in the "Audio" combo-box in the Input area. Also, you can select the "Subtitle" as well.

Note: if the Chapter name with "*", such as "Chapter 1*", this Chapter is multi-angles chapter, you can select different angle for rip(in the "Angle" combo-box in the INPUT area).

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum - input settings
Step 3. About "Output" settings: Select the target audio format in the "Format" combo-box in the Output area. If you choose " (*.avi)" as the output format, iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum allows you to specify the video quality by clicking the "Settings" button. In general, you'd better keep the default value, that's enough to reserve wonderful audio quality.
iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum - output settings

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum - MPEG settings
Step 4. In general, DVDs are ripped by chapters. If you prefer to split DVD by certain file size, please select "Custom Size" in the "Split" box. You may enter the specifying number by clicking "Settings" button. The default is "5 MB".

If you want to rip by certain duration, please select "Custom time", you may enter the specifying number by clicking "Settings" button. the default is 6 minutes.

You may specify the output path (default is C:\iSofterOutput\), that is where your converted files in. Click "Browse" to reset it as you wish. Click "Folder" can open output fold directly.
iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum - Split settings

Step 5. With all settings being properly done, click "Start" button, choose "Encode" to start ripping.

If you want to encode from a specific starting point, firstly, you must change "Split" to "Custom size" or "Custom Time", then choose "Encode From Current Position" in the "START" menu.
If you want to encode a segment, please choose "Encode Segment" in the "START" menu, then enter the beginning time and the duration of the clip. For example, you want a clip from 1:17:43 to 1:55:17, you should enter From 1:17:43 to 1:55:17, after that, click the "OK" button

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum - Start Encode
iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum - Encode segment

Step 6. After the file is successfully ripped, you may click the "Folder" button to browse the output files. Convert DVD to VCD is done.

Note: you can choose "Settings/ Shut down the computer when job is down" for a long time converting job.

Softer DVD Ripper Platinum supports:

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User's Reviews


A reviewer from Michael Owen

"Powerful tool for DVD ripping, converting and backup. I got this nice app to backup my family DVDs because we don't have a DVD burner. There are many softwares on the market but this was the only one I handled. The others were very complicated in terms of configurating the system"

A reviewer from Tony Bennett

"Works fine. Able to rip almost all the DVDs. After a free trial, purchased this program and using it since a week. No problems observed. Have no spyware or any virus attached as my computer has all protections and would have detected if any such softwares. "

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